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The Seven Play Urges / The Tomten

We've been noticing the children engaging in all of the Super 7 Play Urges every day. Here are some of our observations from this week.

Transporting wood blocks, pails of water, and blocks to make a path across the creek.

Connecting blocks and loose parts into structures.

Crushing up chunks of ice and dissecting an old hornet's nest (destroying)

Gathering mushrooms

Playing a game from Sweden called Kubb that involves throwing wooden batons to try and knock down the other teams blocks. (Trajectory)

We also made cinnamon applesauce decorations and explored the woods.

We've been reading stories about the Tomten all week. The Tomten is a Scandinavian folk tale about a little gnome-like person who lives on farms and takes care of the animals. Humans know of their existence, but never see them. Only animals and occasionally a small child can see them. There are many different tales about Tomtens.


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