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Winter Stories

The past two weeks have been full of winter stories: stories we've read together around the fire and stories we've told together as we explored the winter forest and played in the ice and snow, acting out the roles of different animals and even following their tracks. We also talked about how the solstice is the "shortest day and longest night" of the year. Some of our favorite read-alouds were Rainbow Crow (a Lenape legend), The Trouble with Trolls, Extra Yarn and Charlie Needs a Cloak. We also enjoyed making apple cinnamon playdough creations and decorating mini "yule trees" for the Winter Solstice with yarn, beads and geode crystals. The kids enjoyed helping saw the base pieces with the


This week we read books about hibernation and talked about how different forest animals spend the winter months as we hid in our natural shelters and played one of our favorite games "Don't Wake the Bear." We even found a mystery hole with nuts at the entrance that may have lead to a chipmunks burrow. On Tuesday there was water in the pond so we were able to go canoeing! On Wednesday we walked the alpacas to the garden to graze, and we picked, shelled and popped our beautiful gem corn from the garden. On Thursday we practiced archery, used a bow saw to cut firewood, hiked to a sunny spot in the woods to enjoy the bright sunshine and play, made bird feeders, and climbed our favorite climbi



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