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What is Forest School?

"Forest School is an inspirational process that offers all learners regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a woodland..."

--Forest School Association

100% Outdoors

Our classes take place entirely outdoors, rain or shine, throughout the year.  We only cancel class if there is a significant threat of severe weather.  We emphasize the importance of appropriate gear for all conditions and have several tarp and tipi shelters available during heavy rain and winds.

Place-Based Education

We learn to identify the flora and fauna that live in our region and our curriculum is based on what we encounter in the forest as we follow the rhythms of the seasons.

Multi-Age Classes

Multi-aged classes offer children the chance to interact with a wider group of peers.  Older children learn role modeling and younger children are inspired to try more difficult tasks.  

Farm Animals

We have 3 alpacas, 25 chickens, and a livestock guardian dog.  The children get many opportunities to interact with and help care for the animals.  These kinds of experiences have been shown to improve the mental health and well being of young children.

Philosophy/Risk Taking

We are a play-based and child-led program.  We meet each child where they are, follow their unique interests, and gently encourage them to step out of their comfort zone as they perform their own risk-assessment in a safe and supportive environment.

A Day at Forest School

Every day of forest school is unique!  However on most days you will find us lighting fires, gathering to sing songs and tell stories, using real tools, building shelters, creating with natural materials, gathering wild edibles, brewing tea and cooking snacks, climbing trees, swinging, balancing, practicing archery, playing with water, mud, sand, and stones, doing science experiments, working in our journals, going on longer walks in the forest, and playing active group games.  We also make sure to allow ample time for dramatic adventure play every single day.  For a more detailed look at our days, check out our Blog page.  

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