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Natural Start Alliance- 

Fairywood has been a member of the Natural Start Alliance since our beginning in 2017.  "The Natural Start Alliance is a network of people and organizations that believe that all young children need frequent opportunities to experience, learn from, and care for nature and the environment through high-quality education. The Alliance, a project of the North American Association for Environmental Education, serves as a backbone organization to focus and amplify the collective impact of the people and organizations that share this common vision."  They have lots of great resources, studies, and information about outdoor education for parents and educators.

Fairywood YouTube Channel-

Songs, stories, plant identification, and other fun forest school activities you can do at home, presented by Chris and Sam.

Fairywood YouTube

Fairywood in the news-

Click here to read about Fairywood in our local paper The Herald Times!

Cedarsong Way-

Cedarsong was one of the first forest kindergartens in the United States.  We were greatly inspired by the founder Erin Kenney when we started Fairywood.  You can read about the Cedarsong Way here:

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