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Our Mission

Our mission is to connect young children and their families to nature, providing meaningful outdoor experiences through classes that we offer, creating a culture of lifelong learners who feel a deep connection to the Earth. We believe in providing a safe, engaging space for spontaneous play and exploration, cooperative problem solving, social and emotional development, healthy risk-taking, and self-directed learning.  We believe all children, and all humans, need these experiences in nature.  






Our Core Values

We value children.  We trust children as learners, and we value their right to play and freely explore nature and a variety of open-ended materials. 


We value critical thinking, creativity, imagination and innovation. 


We value healthy risk-taking, and social and emotional development. 


We value childhood, and we believe in being in the present moment with children, without needing to hurry them on to the next phase of life. 

We value and celebrate diversity, and we aim to be an inclusive program with a diverse group of families from all backgrounds.  


We value the natural world, biodiversity, and the preservation of wild places.  We believe that a natural environment offers the ideal setting wherein a child may grow and develop freely, with the sort of enthusiasm and excitement that is often lacking in many traditional classrooms.

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