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Last Week Before Break

Here are a bunch of photos from our last week before spring break. We had a wonderful time in the forest together finding crickets, working with clay, telling stories with story stones and painting new ones, practicing archery, singing songs, playing the creek and waterfalls, finding mushrooms and moss, making mud faces, climbing trees, feeding grass to the alpacas.

March in the Forest

The days have been getting warmer and we are noticing lots of signs of Spring. We found three salamanders hiding under a log. We watched them bury themselves back in the mud. Felix made a popsicle stick boat to float down the creek, and we made some clay animals. We enjoyed blueberry jam made by Van and Tuli's mom, and we took turns letting sap drip off the tap onto our tongues. Thanks to Lyle's mom Abby for taking some great photos on Thursday! We've been telling stories with the story stones and carving stick people and spears.

Maple Snow Slushies, Crystal Forest Fire

This week at forest school we mixed up some of our maple syrup with snow for maple snow slushies. We made potions with glue, watercolor and mud that turned us into animals. We played Crystal Forest Fire, a new version of our favorite game using geode crystals to heal the forest. We found "pancake mushrooms" and daffodils. We explored the little creek, and hiked back to the "curlicue vine fort," and the bamboo forest. We got wet and muddy and then dried off and then got wet and muddy again. We told chalk board stories and collaborated on improvised stories with the guitar.



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