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The Big Oak Trees

Monday - We were so excited to discover that the rain filled our favorite puddles in the creek, after they had been dry for quite awhile. We got to work digging streams, and building dams and bridges with sticks and rocks. We used bundles of grass to make nests for clay "dragon eggs." We spent some time with the animals. Tuesday - We made dens in the thick bamboo forest, climbed one of our favorite Dragon trees, and painted with powerdrills. Lots of cool nature finds: Puffball mushrooms(edible), Mullien(medicinal), and mysterious rock formations. This spooky ghost showed up out of nowhere and started a fun game of "run from the ghost!" Wednesday - We were in a measuring mood and Sam helped

The Flow of Sound, Light, Shapes and Color

"It is necessary to be outside for our brains to be stimulated from the flow of sound, light, shapes, and colors that nature provides." --David Ingvar, professor of neurophysiology "When children are engaging in unstructured imaginative play, they are learning the fine art of socialization: negotiation, compromise, cooperation and teamwork." --Erin Kenny, founder of Cedarsong Forest Kindergarten "Children immersed in nature practice their gross and fine motor skills continuously. In doing so, they can discover their physical capabilities and their boundaries, learn to recognize risk, and learn to keep their balance. It is interesting that physical therapy often consists of exercises that

Rules/Creeping Coyotes/Crystal Cheetahs

We've started to make our rule list for the year. The kids come up with most of them and then everyone votes by raising their hand. If we all agree on a rule, then it becomes a rule. The Tuesday/Thursday class started this list and the Monday/Wednesday class will add their ideas this upcoming week. Adult - Introduced Games: Creeping Coyotes Everyone makes a big circle around one player who is blindfolded. Everyone in the circle is a "creeping coyote." A bundle of sticks representing the "food" is placed next to the blindfolded person. The coyotes take turns creeping up to try and steal the food without making too much sound. The blindfolded person must use their sense of hearing to li

Visit Their World

"Don't ask a child to live in your world... visit their world instead."



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