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Rules/Creeping Coyotes/Crystal Cheetahs

We've started to make our rule list for the year. The kids come up with most of them and then everyone votes by raising their hand. If we all agree on a rule, then it becomes a rule.

The Tuesday/Thursday class started this list and the Monday/Wednesday class will add their ideas this upcoming week.

Adult - Introduced Games: Creeping Coyotes

Everyone makes a big circle around one player who is blindfolded. Everyone in the circle is a "creeping coyote." A bundle of sticks representing the "food" is placed next to the blindfolded person. The coyotes take turns creeping up to try and steal the food without making too much sound. The blindfolded person must use their sense of hearing to listen and point at whoever is creeping. If they point directly at a coyote, that coyote must return to the circle.

The coyotes learned to take careful steps and avoid the leaves as they crept up to snatch the food. Some kids even cleared a path through the leaves.

Child Lead Games: Crystal Cheetahs

This game was created by the kids and takes place deeper in the forest on a steep slope. A group of cheetahs made of pure crystal set up a camp with pretend camp fire and shelters. They collect nuts for food and guard their camp from other magical creatures. This game also involves a lot of climbing up and sliding down the dirt slides.

Everyone added something from nature to our pumpkin, then we added baking soda and vinegar to make erupting potions.

What a fun week!


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