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The Big Oak Trees

Monday - We were so excited to discover that the rain filled our favorite puddles in the creek, after they had been dry for quite awhile. We got to work digging streams, and building dams and bridges with sticks and rocks.

We used bundles of grass to make nests for clay "dragon eggs."

We spent some time with the animals.

Tuesday - We made dens in the thick bamboo forest, climbed one of our favorite Dragon trees, and painted with powerdrills.

Lots of cool nature finds: Puffball mushrooms(edible), Mullien(medicinal), and mysterious rock formations.

This spooky ghost showed up out of nowhere and started a fun game of "run from the ghost!"

Wednesday - We were in a measuring mood and Sam helped us measure the circumference of some of the biggest trees at Fairywood. The white oak below measured 108 inches around!

We made more shelters out of fallen trees and explored the creek.

We sent wood blocks and nuts down the slide on the treehouse. Who knew gravity could be so exciting?!

We've been very busy in the mud kitchen.

We love having this parachute set up on rainy days. We can stay dry and warm with a small fire under this unique shelter. Mandy treated us to one of her favorite read alouds -- Those Darn Squirrels.

Thursday - The day started with a group of kids wanting to hike to the top of Fairy Mountain, our name for the high ridge behind Fairywood. We ascended nearly 200 feet and pretty soon everyone else in the class joined at the top. Chris mentioned that there was an enormous white oak tree we could hike to from there, in a section of Hoosier National Forest, and the kids got excited to go for it. This decision was very spontaneous. Teachers had our first aid fanny packs but no food or water with us, and the hike was 1 1/2 miles round trip. It was a challenge as we made our way through burrs, rough terrain, and some yellow jackets, finally arriving at the big oak tree. The kids named it "the Grandpa of the forest." Everyone was so hungry when we got back to Fairywood and went straight for their lunches.

This is the only photo we took on the adventure, a blurry shot of the big tree:


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