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The Dirt Hill

We had a lot of fun climbing and sliding down the steep dirt hill while pretending to be werewolves, princesses, and a character called "nightmare moon." By the end of the day many of us were covered in a layer of dusty dry dirt! We went on a hike to look for more spicebush. We noticed that the red berries are starting to form. We also found some fresh mystery scat in the creek and a log covered with shaggy scalycap fungi. We made sun prints of leaves and ferns. We've been feeding hay to the hungry alpacas and holding the young chicks. We decorated a tree shrine with yarn, leaves, paint, and chalk. Up in the tree house, we experimented with a pulley system.

Animal Actors and Spicebush Tea

We played one of our favorite games on Tuesday. We pass out cards with pictures of animals that live in our forest. There are two of each animal. The kids act out their animal while the others guess what they are. In another version, they try to find their match while everybody is acting out their animal. On Thursday it was cool in the morning, so we made a fire. We learned about the spicebush plant and went out to forage for spicebush leaves and twigs. Then we boiled some water over the fire and made a refreshing tea. We observed a lot of child-initiated science experiments with ramps, bubbles, pvc pipe, and water. We let the kids try out walking Angel the alpaca on a lead and halter.

Howl and Seek

We've been playing games in the forest like Howl and Seek. It's just like Hide and Seek but with animal sounds. The Sharing Circle So many different species of fungi. Let's look them up in the field guide. Acting and dancing the Abiyoyo story. Warm Summer temperatures have stuck around this September so we've been ending each class with a dip in the creek. Our first hike uphill to the Crocodile Tree this school year. It's a great spot for stories, climbing and balancing, and dramatic play. Watercolor/salt painting and potion-making.

Our First Week

We had a great first week of forest school exploring the land and making new friends! We played some fun songs around the fire circle to help learn names including "The Soup Song" and "Down on the Farm." We went on some short hikes through the forest and played in the creek. Whenever we stopped to look closely at the ground we discovered a variety of living things - snails, salamanders, skinks, worms, crawdads, centipedes, and a lot of fungi. This gave us the idea to start working with the kids next week on creating a Fairywood Field Guide that we will add to throughout the year as the children make new discoveries. Everyone was amazed by this fossil that River found in the big creek! The



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