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Our First Week

We had a great first week of forest school exploring the land and making new friends! We played some fun songs around the fire circle to help learn names including "The Soup Song" and "Down on the Farm." We went on some short hikes through the forest and played in the creek.

Whenever we stopped to look closely at the ground we discovered a variety of living things - snails, salamanders, skinks, worms, crawdads, centipedes, and a lot of fungi. This gave us the idea to start working with the kids next week on creating a Fairywood Field Guide that we will add to throughout the year as the children make new discoveries.

Everyone was amazed by this fossil that River found in the big creek!

There was a lot of activity and dramatic play in the treehouse and mud kitchen area.

We played some group games, including a hide and seek game from last year called Eagle Eye, and this "rolling log" game where we took turns rolling and jumping over a large pvc tube.

With the warm temperatures we had this week, it sure felt nice to cool off in the creek water.

The animals were happy to have kids back at Fairywood to feed them treats.

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