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Animal Actors and Spicebush Tea

We played one of our favorite games on Tuesday. We pass out cards with pictures of animals that live in our forest. There are two of each animal. The kids act out their animal while the others guess what they are. In another version, they try to find their match while everybody is acting out their animal.

On Thursday it was cool in the morning, so we made a fire. We learned about the spicebush plant and went out to forage for spicebush leaves and twigs. Then we boiled some water over the fire and made a refreshing tea.

We observed a lot of child-initiated science experiments with ramps, bubbles, pvc pipe, and water.

We let the kids try out walking Angel the alpaca on a lead and halter. Mae and Rosie followed them wherever they went. We talked to the kids about how they are herd animals and always want to stay together.

The tipi is a great space for reading and journaling.

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