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Ice provides an amazing sensory experience that we've been immersing ourselves in lately -- testing the thickness of the frozen pond, learning how to walk without slipping, discovering icicles in waterfalls, and using hammers and hand drills to break through layers of the ice.

Highlights from the Week

Adventures in the creek, waterfalls and quicksand mud, making an obstacle course, campfires and read-alouds, building a bigger debris shelter, stone snake houses, brushing Lily the dog, cooking apple cinnamon bread in the tipi, finding mushrooms on a stump, bouncing on a root, drawing in journals, and climbing the spruce tree.


We tried a lot of new things this week. One day we walked up the slope to a sunny spot and the kids wanted to make a "campsite" with a fire. We cleared a spot, found rocks to make a circle, and used down branches for the fire. We read stories and snacked around our fire in the woods. The kids were really enjoying the new manual hand drill and had fun making geo-boards with hammers, nails, and rubber bands. We built a small shelter in the forest and decorated it with leaves tied together with grass. We explored the big creek and found lots of different colored sandstone for rock painting. We also played with magic wands in the little creek. Some kids discovered a pile of bird feathers and



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