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Rainbow Salad

We went out foraging for wild edibles in the forest and garden area. We gathered dandelion leaves, violets, chickweed, onion grass, and everyone's new favorite -- redbuds. The kids decided to call it our Rainbow Salad. It was as yummy as it was colorful!

Our Trip to the T.C. Steele Site

On Tuesday we had a great time at the T. C. Steele State Historic Site. We hiked along the wildflower trail down to the creek, watched frogs and goldfish in the ponds, and tried our own "plein air" painting with acrylic on canvas, inspired by T. C. Steele's work. On Thursday we spent a lot of our time in the big creek. All of our tadpoles had hatched so we decided to release some of them into a still part of the creek, as we had too many for our tank. We also worked together on building a dam, played in the fine sand at "Fairywood Beach," and tried our hand at rock stacking. It felt so good to be barefoot and totally immersed in nature on a warm spring day.


Thursday we went on a hike to our favorite spot in Yellowwood. We found spring wildflowers popping up everywhere and we used our mushroom field guide to look up mushrooms we found. We explored the decomposing logs and climbed on some fallen pines where we found some great mud for making dragon eggs! This week we also built obstacle courses, watched our tadpoles hatch, found a deer jaw and played games with Mandy's husband Chris who visited for the day. Show and Tell was a big hit as well.



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