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This week we went exploring up the old county road. We found a young Beech tree with "fairybugs" coating one of the branches. The fairybugs are wooly aphids that float through the air like fairies. We climbed on trees and up steep hills. We made a colorful fairy house with scrap wood. We found geodes and hickory nuts along the creek. The kids have been really into the book Mud Puddle. We went out and found our own mud puddles. These puddles didn't jump on us like the ones in the story.


This week the kids found some long pieces of pvc pipe and rope and decided they should make fishing poles. After everyone had one, we headed down to the last pond of water left in the mostly dry creek where there are many minnows. The kids watched the rapid movement of the fish while their lines dangled in the water. We've also been hammering, painting, scooping, scavenger hunting and hiking in Yellowwood State Forest. We found a skull while hiking. We noticed the sharp fangs. We think it might be from a fox.

Forest School Begins

What an amazing group of kids we have! After only two meetings they are already getting comfortable with their surroundings and each other. We've been busy making giant bubbles, hiking through the forest, and painting. We even took our chicken Emmy Lou on a boat ride And kept a fire going on a chilly morning. At forest school there is always something new to explore.



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