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Tree Planting

On Monday we planted some fruit and nut trees that we got from the Neighborhood Planting Project in Bloomington. First we dug some holes. The kids really enjoyed using hammers to help break up some roots that were in the way. Then we collected some composted alpaca manure to help provide nutrients for the hazelnut trees we planted. We watered the trees and added cages for deer protection.

On Tuesday we got to know some of the older trees by playing the tree blindfold game. One person leads another blindfolded person to a tree. They can feel the bark, smell the tree, see how big around it is, feel for moss and lichen and branches. Then they are led away from the tree, remove their blindfold, and try to figure out which tree it was.

The Wednesday class has been loving rope games! It's especially fun when we have Quinn join in.

We've been creating at the sand bar in the big creek and climbing the dragon trees nearby.

On Thursday Mandy brought some white fabric and periwinkle flowers to class and we collected some yellow daffodils. Then we laid the flowers out and covered them with the fabric and smashed them with hammers and mallets to release the bright colors onto the fabric to make beautiful nature prints.


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