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Thursday was full of experiments. Lincoln's family donated a bunch of scrap lumber and we discovered that these boards are perfect for making scooter and bike ramps. The kids experimented with different ways of going up and down. We also made ramps for walking on and tested how much weight they could hold. We got a lot of practice negotiating with each other and taking turns.

We worked together as we explored which combinations of baking soda, vinegar, soap, and paint would make the most dramatic and colorful chemical reactions.

On Tuesday we went down to the creek in the light rain and gathered spicebush to make some tea. The kids were especially interested in finding the red berries.

Lindera benzoin, common spicebush

After the rain started to get heavier and we heard some thunder, we went into the garage to read stories and do some "take aparts" with a screwdriver and some old electronics that River donated.

We also got to help out with the animals this week!

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