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Wooden Animals, Festive Treats, and Snow!

We made a lot of different wooden animals and dolls this week. This involved sawing, carving, drilling, painting, and gluing yarn.

To celebrate the end of the semester and the solstice we made hot cocoa and snowflake tortillas over the fire. Kids used scissors to cut folded tortillas just like paper snowflakes. Then we unfolded them and toasted them with a little bit of cinnamon/sugar. As we enjoyed these treats, Chris told the solstice story of the Deer Mother, a reindeer from the North who brings the sun back in her antlers.

We were so excited to have snow and ice on Wednesday and Thursday! We went sledding, had snow ball fights, made snow walls and snow people, found animal tracks, and painted the snow with watercolor spray bottles.

Playing Creeping Coyotes

Treats for the alpacas and chickens

Climbing the dragon trees

We made a see-saw which we later used as a catapult to launch pinecones (and kids!)

We read some of our favorite Winter picture books

Beware the Ice Lion!


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