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Tour of the Trees

Tuesday we did a "Tour of the Trees." Each person chose their own tree by leaving their bandana at the base of the tree, and then we took turns leading the whole class to our tree. We talked about why they chose their particular tree, and looked at the leaves, nuts, bark, animal signs, and any other special characteristics. We chose quite a variety of trees including beech, sycamore, witch hazel, white oak, shagbark hickory, sassafrass, sugar maple, poplar, and cherry.

The previous Thursday, our pond filled up and we went canoeing. It was a challenge to navigate through the trees and get away from the "crocodiles"!

We've also been working on the secret fort, painting, building, catching crawdads, experimenting with water flow, slides, practicing fire making, and soaking up the last of the warm days in the creek.


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