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Slime, Squash, and Spider Webs

We like to celebrate the end of October with slime, squash and spider webs. We made corn starch slime and mixed in food coloring and lots of fun spooky things for a unique sensory experience. We've been carving pumpkins and roasting the seeds, and hammering nails into a few extra butternut squash at the workbench. We used a spool of red yarn and wove in and around a bunch of trees in the pond area to create a giant spiderweb. This web has inspired a lot of fun games with kids pretending to be spiders or insects getting stuck in the web.

It has continued to be quite dry at Fairywood, and we've been watching our last remaining ponds in the big creek dry up. The kids noticed that there were still a lot of minnows struggling in one of the drying ponds, so we all worked together to rescue them with nets and buckets and moved them to a bigger pond.

We've also been into making leaf art, practicing archery, and climbing up the rock wall


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