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September 7 - 9


We started off the day with a fire and stick carving so we could roast snacks from our lunches. Then we went on a mushroom hunt and found chanterelles, puffballs, and lots of other varieties..

This group has been working on a play about Bigfoot. They each have a character and they made charcoal and sandstone body paint for their rehearsal.

We've also started compiling our rules list. All the ideas come from the kids:


Wednesday's class visited one of our favorite "dragon trees" and went flying off on many adventures. We also made clay mermaids, playdough bird's eggs and nests, and lots of mixtures in the mud kitchen.

We sang Down By the Bay and came up with lots of new creative rhymes.


Thursday's class read our favorite book: Dinosaurs Are Not Extinct. We also collected lots of hickory nuts, practiced bow and arrow, and worked on creative collaborations with scrap wood and at the mud kitchen.

We tried a new game called "What Changed." In this game we all went to a chosen part of the forest and everyone looked around closely before closing their eyes. Then one person changed one thing about the environment (i.e. moving a large branch, adding a hula hoop, etc.). They everyone opened their eyes and tried to figure out what was changed.


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