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We've been finding lots of salamanders in the creek. Noticing that they like to be under rocks, the kids have been inspired to build little rock homes for them.

Our new favorite game is called Groundhogs.

Groundhogs groundhogs run run run!

Groundhogs groundhogs have some fun!

One of the groundhogs gets covered with a blanket and everyone has to figure out who is missing.

Hiking up Fairy Mountain to the dragon trees.

Mud slides and muck monsters

Taking apart an old boombox and using the parts to make robots and other creations.

Designing "puzzle obstacle courses" that have multiple solutions.

They built a wonderful bridge over the waterfalls out of sticks and rocks. The heavy rains washed it away. So they built it again the next week!

Sewing and tree climbing!

Feeding the alpacas and hens.

Mystery bone

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