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Marble Runs, Pine Needle Tea, Field Games

We used scrap wood, nails and other found objects to create a few different marble runs throughout the week. Lots of problem solving and collaboration!

Some pine tree branches came down in the winds last week so we collected the pine needles, cut them up a bit and brewed some pine needle tea over the fire.

On Thursday we played some really fun field games. First was Tug O War! We decided to try to make it more cooperative and less competitive so we tied the rope to some heavy logs and worked together to pull the logs into the ravine. Then we ended up pulling each other into the ravine!

Next we played Rolling Logs. Teachers rolled big tubes on the ground and the kids jumped over them.

We also built a shelter for small animals, found puffball mushrooms, swung, climbed, brewed mud potions, played with play dough, and visited all our dragon trees.


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