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Leaf Monsters

We played a game called Leaf Monster. Someone gets buried in a piles of leaves, then we wait for the leaf monster to emerge and chase us.

We went on a mushroom walk and found many puffballs and chanterelles. We pressed on the puffballs and watched a green cloud of spore dust shoot out.

We painted creek rocks with paint pens and made more creations with playdough, yarn, and acorns.

We spent some time drawing in our journals and dictating stories on Thursday. Then we shared them with the group around the fire circle. Wilder shared a "short documentary" of his observations of Fish Island and Nadia told us an exciting story about her cat Kira.

Bow and Arrow, Stomp Rockets, playing Pretend Kitties, feeding the alpacas, and lots of fun in the mud kitchen!

We had a special guest storyteller on Thursday, Mandy's husband Chris "Mashed Potatoes." He had us all laughing during his hilarious Mashed Potatoes story.


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