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January Notes

Winter weather has arrived at Fairywood. The creeks filled with water and then froze, creating lots of fun ice skating rinks and unique ice formations. We cracked the ice, threw chunks of ice, watched leaves float by under the ice, and explored the different textures y in the creek. We also got a few inches of snow so we went sledding, made rainbow snow, and tracked lots of different animals. We followed coyote, deer, and rabbit tracks through the forest and down into the creek. We wondered if the coyote was hunting the rabbit which inspired some dramatic play in the vines. After the snow melted we received a lot of rain and the pond at basecamp filled up enough to go canoeing and the waterfalls in the little creek stared flowing.

Making some pine needle tea!

Building a debris dam

We went into the high tunnel one day and found cilantro, arugula, and kale to snack on.


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