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It's Maple Syrup Time


On Monday we made a lot of snow sculptures, tapped the first maple tree of the season, and made pretend ice cream!

First we asked the tree if we could have some of it's water to make maple syrup. We let it know we would only take as much as we need.


Tuesday was full of rainbow snow birthday cakes, more snow sculptures, and tapping our second tree. As soon as we drilled the hole for the tap, some sap started flowing!


We went spent a lot of time body sledding. It was amazing how fast we could go in just our snow/rain pants!

We also mixed up some chocolate mud cake, explored the flowing little creek, and built a stick fortress.


We boiled our first batch of sap over the fire and watched it turn into maple syrup. Then we mixed it with some snow for a taste!

We made mud slides and turned into mud monsters.

We made a wooden boat for our stuffies.


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