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"It's Fall Time Today"

We've been making lots of forest crafts recently. We made felted acorn necklaces with alpaca fleece and acorn caps. We really liked making gems or "dragon eyes" out of hickory nut hulls and colorful glue. One day we got out hot glue and made pinecone mermaids and acorn people that we drew on with paint pens.

The leaves are really starting to fall. We've been working together to rake giant leaf piles for jumping in, playing Leaf Monster, and using measuring tape to see how tall we can make a pile. We've also been having leaf parties where everyone throws giant handfuls of leaves in the air.

We've been finding a lot of great climbing spots.

Playing a fun game called "What's Missing?"

We've been finding a lot of these on the forest floor under oak trees. Some of the kids were calling them "mystery objects." We're pretty sure they are galls that formed on the oak trees where parasitic wasps layed their eggs.


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