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Fairy Village


We discovered bunch of fairy homes near the waterfall and have been adding more throughout the week. It's become a fairy village!

We went canoeing in the pond! There was thin layer of ice on top that we had to break through.


We've been working on lighting the daily fire with ferro rods. It's challenging and sometimes it takes awhile, but we keep on practicing.

We painted space rocks to hide around Fairywood.

We made boats out of orange peels, avocado skins, and wood pieces and sent them floating down the creek. It was exciting to follow them the whole way. We noticed that the boats speed up in the "riffles" and slow down in the "pools."

We found some cozy nests to rest in.


We spent a lot of time exploring the creeks. We also made charcoal pencils in the fire, painted, read stories, and roasted items from our lunch over the fire.

We used metal tongs to move wood chunks around the mud kitchen as we made pretend soups.


On Thursday we found some slimy mushrooms, played the field game Forest Fire, painted some of the fairy houses, and visited the farm animals.


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