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Dragons, Bubbles, and Popcorn

We used these simple bubble wands made of sticks and rope to create giant, swirling, magical bubbles all week!

Every year we grow Glass Gem corn in the Fairywood garden. The kids have been picking the cobs and opening them up to see what colors they are. Each one is unique. We got out last year's dry corn for the kids to shell into a pot and then we popped them over a fire and made delicious popcorn.

We told a story about a bear who hosts a party and every party guest brings him popcorn, and his whole house fills up with popcorn! We had a blast acting this story out later in the day.

We spent a lot of time immersed in imaginative play at two special spots in the forest. One area is a slope with a group of fallen trees that the kids refer to as their "dragons." We also brought clay from the creek up there to make "baby dragon" sculptures.

We've been reading a series of books about a dragon named Zog and one day Nadia brought another book about dragons and mythical creatures.

The other spot we played at is "The Crocodile Tree," a great place for climbing and balancing.

While at the Crocodile Tree we found large splinters of wood and pawpaw leaves and used them to make fans.

Some kids drew pictures of Fairywood sites before we set off on our adventure!


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