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This week we noticed that we did a lot of climbing, every day. Climbing is such a great activity because we use our whole body as we strengthen muscles and practice balance and grip. Climbing also has many cognitive benefits as we are always planning and strategizing our next move, and doing our own risk assessment. How can I get to that next branch? How will I get back down? How high up do I feel comfortable?

We have ample opportunities for climbing at all skill levels, all over Fairywood.

We love climbing up the steep creek banks and at the special spot we call The Rock Wall.

Sometimes we use the roots like ropes.

We have two big spruce trees with a lot of sturdy branches that we call The Climbing Trees.

We also find other trees we can climb throughout the forest.

We climb over and up onto fallen dead trees that we refer to as Dragon Trees.


We even climb horizontally on the slack line!


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