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As the weather has warmed up and the forest filled in with green, we've been inspired to explore deeper into the woods and creeks. We've found lots of wildlife, including box turtles, baby snapping turtles, salamanders, toads, bullfrogs, and birds' nests with eggs. We've also been identifying a favorite woodland snack, wood sorrel, and making tea with stinging nettles.

Wood sorrel is a great introduction to foraging. It has three leaves like clover, but all the leaves are distinctly heart shaped. It has a delicious sour lemon taste


Around basecamp we've been playing group games, mixing up bubbly chalk stews, journaling, reading books, and painting.

The alpacas got sheared last Wednesday. The leftover leg and neck fleece that Sam doesn't use for yarn makes a great forest bed!

We celebrated the last day of Foxes class by making tie dye bandanas!


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