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8/29 - 9/8

Another school year is off to a great start! We've been making connections, challenging ourselves, working as a team, creating stories and art, pretending to be our favorite animals, and exploring new places.

We found a ring neck snake during a walk down the big creek.

We've been hanging out with our eight little baby chicks.

Collecting spice bush and mint for tea and eating green sorrel in the garden.

Dictating stories and drawing in our journals, making books, and painting on rocks with acrylic pens.

Two teams strategizing during a group game.

We love climbing on these "monkey vines" downstream in part of Hoosier National forest.

These two put on a puppet show by the "secret fort" using sticks, moss, mud, and leaves

The sandbox is our favorite place to build and dig every day.

We love spending time with the animals!


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