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5/3 - 5/6


We told the fable "The Boy and the Nettle" and then collected some wood nettles in the forest to make tea. We focused on how to identify the nettle with it's white hairy stem and dark green leaves, and noted that jewelweed (another plant we've been seeing) is a great remedy if you happen to get stung by nettles. We worked on digging a mud pond, collected pots full of geodes, and sailed items down the moving creek.


On Tuesday we had to shelter in the garage for a bit because of the lightning. We had fun reading stories, learning drum beats, and building with legos. Afterwards we went out to explore the waterfalls, swim in the creek, and get muddy in the mud pond!


Wednesday's class had a lot of ideas for woodworking and painting projects. They used hammer and nails to build a table, chair, and other things that we then painted and tested out their strength.

We designated a row in the garden for the kids. They really loved the gem corn last year so we planted a whole bunch!

After that we went to the big creek and threw rocks in, made potions, had stick boat races, and climbed the steep banks.


We made spruce tip tea, read the hilarious book "The Book with No Pictures" and went on an adventure to the rocky ravine in Yellowwood State Forest.

We found salamanders, cicadas, giant earth worms, and even a huge leech!


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