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Safe and Proud

As we explored the big creek we found a few spots with a very steep bank. It was an exciting and rewarding challenge to climb all the way up to the top. Some of us did it over and over again. One commented, "I feel safe and proud." Whether we're climbing higher than we have before, or asking a new friend to play with us, forest school gives us many opportunities to take healthy risks throughout the day while still feeling safe and supported as we venture a little bit out of our comfort zone.

We did a lot of creating this week, exploring color and texture as we made "nature mandalas" with spicebush berries, leaves, and rocks.

We also enjoyed painting with a powerdrill and other objects, breaking up rotting wood with hammers, stacking rocks, collecting mud, and drawing in our journals.

We had a lot of fun playing music this week. We got out lots of percussion instruments and Mandy brought some ukuleles! We had a band practice, counting beats, playing soft and loud, and fast and slow. Some of our current favorite songs are "Yakety Yak" by The Coasters and "Ozzy the Oppossum" by Chris.

We added a second, higher level to the tree platform. It's been a popular place to play, along with the bow and arrow target and rope swing.

There were so many cool nature finds. We found these big Jack O Lantern mushrooms. We heard that these mushrooms are actually bio luminescent -- they glow in the dark. Sam and Chris decided to go look at them later that night and saw the glowing orbs! We're so excited to share this story with the kids this week. We also found a feather, a giant millipede and a baby newt that we thought was a salamander.

The animals have sure been happy to get so much attention (and treats) lately.

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