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Back to Forest School

It was great to be back at forest school this week, and to welcome our new classmates! We jumped right into some wonderful collaborations like this pond and stream the kids dug out of a sandy part of the creek.

They worked together to carry heavy buckets of water to pour into the pond. Then we all watched as it filled up and flowed through the stream to the big creek. We also noticed that the stream channel eroded away a little bit each time we poured the water.

Another popular activity at the creek was making our own fishing poles with sticks and twine. We found "fairy stones," (stones with a hole all the way through) and tied them to the end of our fishing lines.

This group decided to tie their crocs to the end of their fishing poles and fill them with rocks and lots of mud. They had a blast!

We played some field games like Fire and Ice and Croquet and told stories with the story stones.

We visited with the animals. We love getting to pet Lily the farm dog, feed hay to the alpacas, and look for eggs in the chicken coop!

We challenged ourselves on the slackline and rope swing.

We made a little fire under the parachute tarp where we roasted leaves and read stories while it drizzled.

We got into some giant marble action painting with a very long box!

We walked the Fairywood Trail and followed the arrows painted on stones to find the way.

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