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Let's Make a Ladder

For Tuesday's class we challenged to kids to build a ladder with branches, scrap wood, hammer and nails. Everybody helped out with laying the boards and hammering and we ended up with a functional ladder that we used to climb up into what we named the "Abiyoyo Tree," a huge Sycamore with 4 trunks.

We needed 6 people to help carry it over to the tree.

Wednesday's class went on a hike to the Crocodile Tree. Sage, Lyle, and Nadia were excited to introduce our favorite climbing area to the new kids and teach them some of the games we play there like the Blindfold tree game.

Thursday's class discovered a log with hundreds of puffball mushrooms. Unlike the ones we cooked up last week, these puffballs were dried out. That means they gave off a thick, magical cloud of green spore dust when touched, or in this case, stomped on.

We also enjoyed finding giant sycamore leaves that were perfect for making masks, mixing up baking soda/vinegar potions, playing the "What's Missing" game, rolling in tubes, making tea, making footprints in the mud, and stories around the fire in the tipi.

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