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Loose Parts

Loose parts are an important part of Fairywood's learning environment. They include anything that the kids can use in their play in an open-ended way. In the forest we're lucky to have lots of natural loose parts available year round like pinecones, acorns, geodes, and leaves, and we also like to add a few things like glass gems, chalk pieces, bones, and animal figurines.

This week the bigger loose parts got a lot of use: planks of wood, logs, tires, pallets, slides, culvert pieces, and blankets. They've been making ramps and obstacle courses for scooters and feet. Moving these bigger pieces around requires teamwork, large muscle movement, planning, and experimentation.

Loose parts inspire imaginative play as well. This culvert piece became a boat that took us on a wild adventure out at sea, and we used the blanket to play Don't Wake the Animals!

Small world play at the fairy garden.

We've been noticing lots of feathers everywhere and not as many eggs. Many of our chickens are molting this time of year, growing new feathers just in time for winter. This young polish hen is one of our favorites!


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