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We made potions and a whole lot of bubbles that we put on ourselves and the slide! It was so much fun making a mass of bubbles that kept on growing.

We've really been into playing ukuleles!


We played "What's Missing?" and "Fire and Ice." In "What's Missing?" we set out an assortment of things from the forest (ferns, flowers, leaves, rocks, acorns) and everyone closes their eyes while one person takes away 1-3 things and then we try to figure out what's missing.

Fire and Ice is an active game where everyone does what the caller says such as running, melting, freezing, bunny hopping, tornado spinning, hawk soaring, or even turning into a tree swaying in the breeze. Everyone takes turns being the caller. We usually end this game with everyone feeling exhausted!

We also made a fairy home and drew fairies in our journals.


We made a fire, played "What's Missing?" and made homes for crawdads in the creek.

The kids figured out that our air pumps can be used as water pumps as well so we've been taking them down to the creek.


On Thursday we made leaf piles to jump in and spent time in the garden harvesting rainbow gem corn and eating cherry tomatoes and wood sorrel.

Mandy brought some animal teeth and claws for show and tell.

Emma and Nadia helped build a little fire over by their favorite hangout. Soon others joined them and we enjoyed a few stories.

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