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Highlights from the Week

On Tuesday we made a lot of mud pies, played all of our favorite running games, climbed up into the spruce trees, and made a new obstacle course for golf balls.

We've been making use of our new shelters. The debris shelter has a tripod set up over a fire pit for making tea (or mixing pretend potions). The parachute shelter is great place to read stories when it's raining.

On Wednesday we tapped two of our maple trees. The kids helped drill the holes and hammer in the taps. As we write this, the sap has started to flow into our collection bag! We'll start boiling it down over a fire to make syrup this week.

On Thursday we went on an adventure deep into Yellowwood State Forest land. The kids noticed a ravine in the distance that we had never explored before. They were curious about it, so we headed down and discovered huge moss covered rocks and magical waterfalls.

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