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Group Games

We had so much fun playing some new group games this past week: Bat and Moth, What Time is it Mr. Fox?, Forest Fire, and a game that Tuli taught us called Frog Tag. These games challenge us to listen closely, notice our surroundings, cooperate, and run as fast as we can, which really helps us stay warm on cold days. Everyone wanted to join in!

The kids came up with a wonderful idea to weave a spider web by wrapping yarn around a group of trees. Some of them actually got caught in the web and got to experience both the perspective of the web-weaving spider and the prey! We also made a huge bird's nest with branches.

Wednesday's class went on an epic hike all the way to the top of the ridge on Fairy Mountain. We found some great fallen trees to climb on and a bunch of perfect mud to sculpt with. Later we got into making rock paint/face paint and melting crayon prints.

On Thursday we jammed together on the big blue barrel drum, climbed up into the spruce trees, and made potions in the creek for our Nightmare Moon game.

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