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The Fire Keeper

This week we gathered around the fire to listen to stories from the Miami people. We talked about how the Miami hunted on the land that is now Fairywood over 200 years ago. We listened to a story called The Fire Keeper about how the Native Americans got fire from the center of the Earth with the help of Coyote.

Another story was about why bees have stingers.

Deep in the forest, we played the blindfold tree game: Carefully lead a blindfolded friend to a tree. Let them touch and smell and hug the tree, then lead them away. Take the blindfold off and now they must find the tree.

So many leaves are falling all around us-- maple, oak, sycamore, beech, sassafras, poplar. We wound yarn around y-shaped sticks and wove the colorful leaves into them. We also made leaf piles at the bottom of our slides and steep hills to run and slide into!

Listening with "Alpaca Ears." We observed how the alpacas can move each ear separately and how they turn their ears to listen in each direction. We cupped our hands around our ears and moved them while making sounds to hear how the sound changes based on which way our "alpaca ears" are turned.

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