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First Week of Spring

Spring is here! We really enjoyed the sunshine and warmer temperatures.

The large culverts were a big hit this week. The kids discovered that one of them was big enough for them to get inside. This inspired many of them to roll each other down the hill. We also raced our toy cars and balls down the ramps.

We followed the little creek all the way to it's beginning. We talked about how a creek is formed and where all the water is going. On our way, we discovered many mushrooms, blue shale, moss covered logs, deep pools, and waterfalls. The kids were also interested in how pools form when the creek gets dammed by debris and they worked on making their own dam.

Up at the Crocodile Tree we played our favorite blind fold game "My Tree" with our visitor Isabelle. Isabelle is a 7th grader at Harmony School researching alternative education practices. We had a great time showing her how we do things at forest school!

We also spent some time decorating the newly improved tree house with jewels, Spruce branches, and shells.

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