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We've been practicing bushcraft skills all week: sawing and splitting firewood, striking a ferro rod to light fires, and building debris dens and other shelters.

Jasper told us he was "building a house for my sister." It was a lot of work carrying and stacking those heavy logs.

Lots of climbing up to high places, swinging and balancing -- so good for our muscles and our brains!

We had a lot of Halloween fun. We carved apple heads with butter knives. They've been slowly drying out and shriveling up and the kids can take them home this week. We made broomsticks with bamboo branches, roasted pumpkin seeds over the fire, mixed up spooky potions and stews, stories and the Monster Mash!

The creek has been flowing again!

This group worked together to lift some dead branches and toss them into the creek from the high bank.

Lyle and Sam made a stick raft and we sent it down the creek with a little fairy on board.

We made sure to take care of our wood babies!


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