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We're Turning This Tree Into Dirt!

On Tuesday we read a version of the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale.  Then we followed a path of bird seed into the forest that led to the witch's house, a small ceramic house that we hid before the kids arrived.  After they found it they all wanted to take turns hiding it. On Thursday we noticed the safety goggles were covered with a coating of ice.  When we looked through them we were amazed to see magical crystal reflections of the morning sunlight. After that we set off on a hiking adventure into nearby Yellowwood State Forest land.  We hiked uphill to a nice level spot.  We brought snacks, stories, and materials for making magic wands.  We liked using the white oak leaves and moss we found


On Tuesday we got out egg cartons and made them into boats for the kids to decorate and send down the stream. . River also wanted to go panning for gold. We spent a lot of time at the pond. We went canoeing, fishing, and practiced walking across the balance log using sticks. On Thursday we passed out Valentines, made strawberry chocolate fry bread over the fire, played with chocolate playdough, made music, read stories, and experimented with catapults.


Tuesday was cold but the sun came out and shined a pleasant, warming light upon all of our activities. We went sledding and sliding on the ice pond. We found a few nice spots to snack and listen to the sounds of the forest. We heard woodpeckers and squirrels. "Look! These mushrooms are frozen" - Sage We came inside to warm up for a little bit and sang happy birthday to Sam, presenting her this lovely ice cake. We made paper puppets, read stories, and filled up on more snacks before heading back outside!



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