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Getting Into the Flow

Experiencing the powerful flow of water They found a perfect grapevine for swinging Blowing bubbles in flubber and cutting "flubber hair." Putting on some fancy dress up clothes for a hike into Yellowwood forest Finding a lot of fresh fungi on rotting logs Making heart cookies and playing up on the tree platform. And a nice portrait of Sam (painted by Lyra)

Mid-February at Fairywood

Climbing on the Crocodile Tree. Hiding in the leaves. Creek stompin' and splashin'. Taking "tree naps." Defending the "pirate ship." " Hey that log is covered in moss and mushrooms!" Sending walnuts, golf balls, and toy cars down a tube ramp. Snacking in the boat with buddies. Plein air painting. Feeding corn to the chickens and raking the straw. Chicken Love.

Hands-On Physics

We've been getting into some hands-on physics as the kids explore gravity, force, and momentum. We saw a lot of great teamwork and negotiation on Thursday as this group worked to move a giant spool up a ramp that we made out of pallets so they could see what gravity would do when they let it go. They discovered that rolling on and off the spool with your friends is really fun too! We've also been launching projectiles, erupting more volcanoes, and tapping maple trees.



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