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Find the Flute and Pass the Story

Once upon a time, a teacher named Chris went and hid deep in the woods while playing his special flute. The kids and other teachers at Fairywood wanted to go find him. They hiked into the forest, pausing every now and then to listen for the sound of the flute. They would hear it echo off the hillsides in the valley. The kids decided which paths to take. They climbed over fallen logs and crossed the creek many times. The flute got louder and louder. Finally, they found Chris uphill, behind a big tree. Now it was up to them to figure out how to get back.

After they all made their way back to Fairywood, everyone made music together in the tipi, playing flutes, drums, and tambourines.

After that we tried a new game around the fire circle called Pass the Story. Someone starts the story with "Once upon a time" and then we go around the circle, each person adding something new to the story. Everyone really enjoyed this game and we played for many rounds.

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