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There is something about sitting around a fire in the tipi that really encourages storytelling, and that is just what we got up to on Thursday. The kids dictated stories that teachers wrote down in their journals, word for word. Then we took turns reading the stories aloud to the whole group. Some kids opted to skip the writing part and just improvised stories out loud. We told silly stories, spooky stories, and stories about things that happen at Fairywood. We've also been reading some Native American stories like Storm Boy and The Warrior and The Princess.

After our storytelling session, we collaborated on making up song lyrics to our song "She'll Be Comin' Up Fairy Mountain." Mandy, Andy, and Van went outside the tipi when the morning light was just right and performed a shadow puppet show as the rest of us sang inside the tipi. For example, when we sang about feeding chickens, they made chicken shadow puppets. It was amazing to watch our words come to life on the tipi walls as we sang!

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