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Forest School Begins

We had a great first week at Fairywood! On Tuesday we all walked down to the big creek. The kids wanted to bring cups to mix up "chocolate milk." We also brought a collection box to fill with non-living things.

We made "fireworks" with our cups of creek water and climbed up the steep banks.

We worked with ropes, hammers, paint and playdough.

On Thursday we played our favorite game from last year -- Don't Wake the Bear, and tried a new game called Howl and Seek. It's like Hide and Seek but everyone chooses animal sounds to make while they're hiding. The seekers use their listening ears to find them.

Rosalind's mom brought us some monarch caterpillars to observe. Some of the kids wanted to feed them grass so we talked about how the caterpillars only like to eat milkweed leaves. She also brought a butterfly that had just come out of its chrysalis. We all got to see it fly for the first time!

In the tipi we read stories, wrote in our journals, and drew with charcoal from the fire pit.

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