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Wood Sorrel

This week we collected many wild edibles from the forest. Wood sorrel (or "wood sour" as some of the kids say) was our favorite. It's leaves look like hearts and they have a distinct lemon taste. We collected wood sorrel and more chickweed for a salad that we enjoyed with stinging nettle tea from nettles we found at Fairywood.

We also used saws, hammers, and a power drill to work on a new pallet fort. It turned into a real construction zone!

Thursday was Duy's last day with us before he heads off to live in Berlin for a couple months. We will miss him and we know all the kids will too!

The kid have enjoyed helping to put out the fire before we go on a hike.

We've been noticing all the plants and mushrooms popping up. Some even look like noses!

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