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Meaningful Math

We had a wooden teeter totter donated to Fairywood last week. As they began to try it out, the kids wanted to figure out how many of them could fit in the teeter totter. They all began counting each other's heads and it was decided that 5 kids could fit comfortably. Then they began to notice that one side of the teeter totter was heavier than the other, with 3 kids on one side and 2 on the other, it was out of balance. They continued to explore balance and quantity as they played and it was wonderful to see a child-led math activity that was spontaneous and meaningful to them.

We showed the kids some wild edibles like chickweed, violets, and dandelion leaves and then they helped forage for a wild salad.

We've been playing a really fun game where kids choose a card with a picture of an animal that lives in our forest, and then they pretend to be that animal while their friends try to guess what they are.

And we never tire of exploring the creek!

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